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Intuit QuickBooks Point Of Sale V8.0 MultiStore - BEAST fausyule




Is this a client or a server side vulnerability. My understanding is that any new requests which are not authenticated (ie credentials are not accepted for the request) will not have access to the decrypted page. It would need to be authenticated first. It looks like a client side problem, as the encryption keys are stored on the client device, however if I remove the javascript from the page the decrypted page is sent. If the answer is no. Is there another way this could be exploited. A: This is not a client side or server side vulnerability. It is called cross site request forgery (CSRF) and if you are using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari and you are signed in to the site (IE must be signed in to be vulnerable) it is exploitable. An attacker can send a request to a web page to update the user's password. The attacker would have to be signed in as the user so he knows the user's session ID, otherwise he has no way to force a change to the user's password. The request will be authenticated and be accepted by the site as long as the session ID is valid (it will need to have the time-to-live value set) and the attacker has the user's cookie. The attacker will get the updated session ID back in the response. The attacker can then use this session ID with the same authentication mechanism (like a cookie or HTTP-only JWT) as the user to make requests to the site to change other things like user profile data, financial settings, and so on. The attacker could even update account balances, transactions, and so on. In this case, the site that handles the update is not vulnerable to CSRF. If the user is logged in to the site (or is logged in with the same mechanism as the attacker is using to log in) then the update is successful. The user will not be notified about the attempted changes. If the user is not logged in then the update will fail. Even if the user's session ID is valid, the update will fail. This is not a vulnerability of Intuit's QuickBooks application, it is a vulnerability of web sites in general. See the OWASP CSRF Prevention Cheat Sheet for more information. Ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer membrane with large optical nonlinearity. A polymer-liquid crystal system based on a




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Intuit QuickBooks Point Of Sale V8.0 MultiStore - BEAST fausyule

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